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As a leading scaffolding company serving both commercial and domestic sectors in Farnborough, Get Lifted understands, better than most, the importance of safety when working at height. Whether it's for temporary roof scaffolding on renovations, new build scaffolding structures for elaborate developments providing new homes for local residents, or other facets of domestic scaffolding and commercial scaffolding detailed across this website, ensuring the safety of workers and the public is our top priority. Here, we delve into crucial scaffolding safety tips to mitigate risks and foster a secure working environment.

Essential Scaffolding Safety Tips: Elevate Your Awareness with Get Lifted

  • Thorough Inspection – Before commencing any work on a domestic scaffolding or commercial scaffolding structure in Farnborough, it is imperative to conduct a comprehensive inspection. Our scaffolding company will check for any signs of damage, such as cracks, bends or missing components. This applies to everything from new build scaffolding on large-scale projects, to temporary roof scaffolding for smaller home renovations. Regular inspections (at least every 7 days) should also be scheduled throughout the project duration to detect any emerging issues promptly.
  • Secure Foundations – Properly securing the base is essential for stability and load-bearing capacity. Our scaffolding company ensures a structure is erected on a level surface and adequately supported by base plates or adjustable legs. For new build scaffolding projects in Farnborough, particularly on uneven terrain, additional measures such as sole boards and levelling jacks may be necessary to achieve stability. Security will never be left down to chance, whether it’s domestic scaffolding or commercial scaffolding that’s in our sights!
  • Guardrails & Toeboards – Installing guardrails and toeboards along all open sides and edges of the scaffolding platform is non-negotiable. These components provide essential fall protection for Farnborough workers, preventing accidents and injuries. Whether it's commercial scaffolding for high-rise construction or domestic scaffolding for painting and maintenance tasks, adherence to guardrail and toeboard regulations is crucial for safety compliance.
  • Proper Access – Implementing safe access points to the scaffolding structure is imperative to prevent slips, trips and falls. Your scaffolding company should implement ladder access points with ladder gates or stair towers designed specifically for the in use. Adequate access ensures that workers can ascend and descend the scaffolding safely, minimising the risk of accidents and facilitating efficient workflow on both commercial scaffolding and domestic scaffolding structures in Farnborough.
  • Fall Arrest Systems – In addition to guardrails and toeboards, incorporating fall arrest systems adds an extra layer of protection for workers at height; these can be a vital addition to new build scaffolding, where work can occur over an extended period of time and involve a few complicated steps. Harnesses, lifelines and anchor points should be utilised in conjunction with proper training and supervision.
  • Weather Monitoring – The weather in Farnborough and the wider UK can be unpredictable, posing additional challenges for scaffolding safety, particularly for outdoor projects. Keep a close eye on weather forecasts and take appropriate precautions during adverse conditions such as strong winds, rain or snow. Temporary roof scaffolding must be adequately braced and secured to withstand inclement weather without compromising structural integrity.
  • Regular Training & Supervision – Properly trained personnel are essential for ensuring safe domestic scaffolding and commercial scaffolding practices on any Farnborough site. That’s why our scaffolding company recommends providing comprehensive training programs covering working at height protocols. Additionally, appoint competent supervisors to oversee scaffold operations and enforce safety procedures rigorously. Regular toolbox talks and safety meetings help reinforce awareness and promote a culture of safety among workers.

Prioritising safety is perhaps the most important part of any construction project in Farnborough. That’s why our domestic scaffolding services, just like our commercial scaffolding services, are informed both by relevant regulations and a stringent in-house code of conduct. But once new build scaffolding, temporary roof scaffolding and similar structures are up, it’s over to you. By adhering to these crucial safety tips, provided by in Farnborough’s local scaffolding company Get Lifted, workers can mitigate risks and create a secure environment conducive to productivity and success.

Ensure safe work at height occurs on your site. Bring in Get Lifted to erect new build scaffolding for an upcoming scheme in Farnborough, or to provide other essential commercial / domestic scaffolding services you’re in need of. Pick up the phone and call 0790 080 8802 today!